Long queues scare away customers. Anyone who has ever shopped knows this. How likely are you to wait in a line that stretches out the door?
Businesses have to be concerned over this fact. After all, if customers refuse to wait in line or leave your store with a sour taste in their mouth because the line was too long, it will affect the business’ bottom line.
Our App not only helps businesses remove the need for queuing altogether, it gives a more personalised shopping experience to all the customers digitally.



The idea was born out of the issues we have seen customers and retailers facing because of the long waiting times in a queue. After all, research has shown that people are wired to remember negative experiences over positive ones. It might even be an evolutionary advantage, but it’s certainly not an advantage for business.
This means that bad queues stick to our minds like glue and ultimately inform the perceived waiting time customer satisfaction.
We are still in the process of improving our idea and looking for proper guidance and funding to take this journey with us. Below you will find a tentative timeline that we believe is achievable.

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