• No queues: Better customer experience which will lead to more sales

  • Omni channel presence: real-time supply chain solutions encompassing all channels and directing all distribution centers concurrently.

  • Customized offers: leads to higher penetration for discounts.

  • Machine learning: to predict trends and customer lifetime value

  • Store-specific assortments: Using customers buying habits, Retailers can cater to the local consumer, segment and curate assortments according to their preferences as gleaned from their all-channel purchases, and create store-specific planograms that maximize shelf-level performance

  • Near-field communication: The data from the app would help stores to better understand how shoppers move through the store to online purchasing decisions and to offer them contextual, real-time options through the app and interactive store displays.

  • Digital receipts: to reduce its paper costs, carbon footprint and to give customers more choice. Can also be used as a new marketing channel and to eliminate fraudulent returns without paper receipts.

  • Loyalty program: Never miss on data about a loyal customer as the loyalty card will be inbuilt into the app and does not require them to have a physical card or a different app anymore.