In the present corona virus hit market, retailers have been hit grossly, and there is little prospective for these retailers to regain customers. Even the companies which held a monopoly in the market are facing the heat, as they see losing customers, and losing sales. Mostly all brick and mortar stores have been shut out of business, mostly all local grocery stores have faced the hit, and fall under the category of worst hit. The customer does not want to step out in the market, stand in long queues, and thus are preferring online shopping (even when it comes to shopping for groceries). We have a solution for the retailers, NoQ for Business.

Simplicity, is the name of the game, we in NoQ plan to tap on one of the biggest networks in India, a network that houses a lot of potential, and room for growth, and a network that has yet not been explored, the network of local kirana stores (“kirana” stores). Presently, most kirana stores have seen a tremendous fall in sales, and even their loyalty local customers have reduced their visits to the shop, in such adverse times, NoQ is offering a unique solution for the local kirana stores.


Hassle Free

The daily tasks at any kirana store include, maintaining inventory, maintaining the store ledger, accounting for sales in a day, and most importantly looking at revenue made in the day; imagine, if there was an application on your smartphone that could do it all. That is exactly what NoQ for Business is bringing in for all retail stores, and this is not even the best part; the best part being, that the application will be simple to its core, simple enough for any layman to learn within a week. After analysing the local kirana stores and the humongous network they are a part of, NoQ came up with multiple aspects where they can be digitalised, their efforts be minimised, and rendering costs be curtailed. With the use of an application with a fluid design, and interactive interface, and an easy navigation, no kirana store will need heavy hardware to barcode all of its product (which is a common practice in order to aid inventory control), and NoQ for Business provides all those services at a fraction of the cost

(approximately 17 rupees a day). It is clearly a win-win situation for the retailers.

Most local kirana stores are compelled to maintain a strong and efficient distribution chain, to have multiple suppliers in order to get the best pricing, maintain inventory levels, and after accomplishing all this, there is a small chance that they will get new customers. As we promised earlier, simplicity, NoQ plans on making the application simple enough for any person to use it, this way, NoQ can also welcome local kirana stores to use the application, and we thus get into the network. If and when the application is successful with one retailer, that retailer will begin to spread the NoQ word in the market, and more and more retailers from the network will start to want this simple and efficient of keeping their store, and above everything else, NoQ also plans on offering our services in Hindi, which will be more convenient to a lot of kirana store owners.  

On The Go

Adapting to the wave of digitalisation that is gulping the country, we at NoQ aim at being a part of this wave, and helping the local general stores, digitalise. Most kirana stores are still functioning with age old methods, of manually entering inventories, taking stock every night, maintaining the store ledger, but when technology has advanced so much, why should it be a monopoly of the rich? NoQ thus plans on extending this digitisation drive to all the local kirana stores it can, more and more people must get to benefit from these advancements, and digitisation is the way forward. By automating the manual process, there are multiple benefits for the local kirana store, to start with, less labour costs, saves on man hours, and saves a lot of bucks; to reiterate NoQ plans on offering its service for a maintenance cost of less than 17 rupees a day. By providing costs as low as we are, NoQ aims at helping the local kirana stores in their day-to-day maintenance, and aims at welcoming them to the digitisation era.

Another problem that some of the local kirana stores face is inventory control, most kirana stores already want to barcode their product, in order to keep better inventory, and minimise theft or other losses. But the bottom-line falls to tremendous cost that is involved in buying the hardware for such a process: the machine which will generate the barcode, a machine that will scan the barcode at checkout, but it is all too tedious. Thus, NoQ, brings together all those functions and utilities, only in a simpler way, and a way that is also way cheaper than the original hardware. NoQ will provide you with ways for easily managing your inventory levels, and the app will also feature real-time inventory control.


Another growing need in the market today, is the need to know the market and the customers in totality. The storekeepers must know what is happening in the market, what product is being sold, and at what costs, this way they will be able to decide and cater for personalised discounts on variety of products. The application would also allow for the storekeepers to keep better information on the customer, things like how many times the person has shopped with you, will also be stored – one of the very common problems at any local kirana store is that due to the existence of multiple customers, the owner cannot always remember all customers – NoQ solves that problem too.

Thus, NoQ plans on tapping on this untapped and extremely potential market of local small-time kirana and business stores by bringing out, NoQ for Business. And when we say for Business, we at NoQ are making sure to include all scales of business, small-scale businesses as well as large-scale businesses.

Run the complex functions of your kirana store,

with the ease and simplicity of

NoQ for Business.