Our Retail Offerings

Omni Channel

Get your retail stores listed in all channels.

Supply chain management

We will provide solutions for a cheaper and a more efficient supply chain

professional services

All government and tax related services will be provided by us.

Inventory management

Never run out of inventory, manage your inventory efficiently in the simplest of ways.

Know Your 


Track all your customers by their shopping history and lifetime value.



Give your loyalty customers personalized discounts, or even start a loyalty program.


cloud services

Your entire store at your fingertips,

whenever you want,

and from wherever you want.


Never miss another order or purchase,

we will have it delivered

to the customer's doorstep.



Have a summary of all the transactions in your everyday business

at your fingertips.

attract more


Let more people in the locality know about you,

and make purchases with you,

by doing nothing extra at all.

Stand out 

in the market

Differentiate from all your competitors,

and beat the competition in the market. 

no hardware

With the ease of NoQ for Business app

There is no need for purchase of hardware for handling your inventory.

Do all that and more with the simplicity of 

NoQ for Business.