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Covid-19 induced changes in retail.

Retail Stores: Upgrade to online or stop existing?

The article will elaborate on what the future holds for all retail stores, it will also give a gist of the present scenario, and where retailers stand.

Is your business affected by Covid-19? Have your sales dropped significantly? Well, you’re not alone, look at how others have suffered from the same, and see how they are bringing in changes to cope up with the losses.

In the light of the present scenario, where most brick and mortar stores have been shut out of business, or the sales are severely down. The thing to consider here, is the customer’s state of mind, presently, they rarely wish to step out of the house, due to dangers of coming in contact with a positive. The traditional way in which retailing has been thrown out of the window, and as retailers eye for new methods to retain their sales rates.

The online stores however, have seen something that can be termed as a flourish in the sales, considering that most users are willing to lay back, and do their shopping online. There are several perks when shopping online, there’s the minimal interaction with the shop personnel, next is the easy checkout facilities, and lastly, the home delivery. So in this way, the E-commerce websites are retaining their customers.

Retailers are usually incorporating something known as “dark stores”, which are warehouses in essence. The retailers set up their dark stores in several localities, they then take the orders from the customers, and complete the orders directly to the customers. This way, the customers fulfil their needs, without having to actually go to the market.

Even though, some of the retail stores have now started to open, people are still not great fans of going to stores. Primarily because of the number of people they might come in contact with, in addition to that, there are the long queues at checkout. We have a solution to those problems, NoQ, where you can simply, scan, pay and go. You needn’t worry about standing in the long queues, you simply scan the product of the store that is close to you, pay at checkout and you can have the order delivered at your doorstep. The unique thing about us is that, we offer a multitude of ways for checkout, and we have recently fired up our home-delivery service too. So what are you waiting for now? We were waiting for retail stores to go online? We at NoQ bring the stores at your fingertips. We are constantly increasing our chains of services, and trying to bring you more stores.

What are you now waiting for? We are pretty sure, you do want to go the store by yourself, and risk exposing yourself, so just order online with us.

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