Meet The Team

Amit Gupta




Head of Marketing & Investor Relations

+91 9158911702

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Amit has over 15 years of IT experience and this is his 3rd startup. The other two have been in the Food and E-Commerce domains. Recognised by the Govt. of India for business transformation of indigenous artists.

Shashank Raina




Head of Product & Design 

+44 7448320499

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With experience of 8 years in IT, Shashank has developed multiple products using Data Analytics and Machine Learning. He has also worked with Amit in his previous two startups.

Ankit Kumar



Head of Analytics



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Ankit is an IIT Kanpur Alumni with B. Tech in Aerospace Engineering. He has worked on Spindas' Analytics tool development. He has also completed a project in the field of Structural Health Monitoring (wavelet analysis) in which he analysed and compared different types of materials and damages using wavelets.




Head of Technology



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Harsh has worked on several projects like Login and Signup in Python using Tkinter(Fed UNI), A Database Application with Tkinter using MySQLite3 as Database, a Website for Encrypting and Decrypting various Encryptions, Python Virtual Labs i.e., associated with IIT Kanpur and MHRD.

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