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NoQ is a decentralized platform that leverages advanced technology and deflationary tokens to

support small businesses. Its goals include promoting growth, improving efficiency, reducing costs, facilitating access to capital, and addressing inflation and rising expenses.

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About Us

At Radiate Labs, we are committed to creating inclusive, innovative technology that impacts everyone. Our flagship initiative, the NoQ ecosystem, is designed to empower small businesses worldwide, providing them unparalleled access to customers, brands, finance, and shared resources. 

It is a revolutionary platform that aims to provide essential tools and technology for small businesses. It is also a place where consumers can buy goods and services directly from businesses. The ecosystem is designed to be accessible and easy to use for both businesses and consumers.

The NoQ ecosystem will be built on blockchain technology, which will provide a secure and transparent platform for transactions. The ecosystem will also include a reward system that will incentivize users to participate in the ecosystem and contribute to its growth.

Our Services


Joining the NoQ ecosystem will be beneficial for all the stakeholders.

Increased Visibility

Small businesses will have access to a large

and diverse customer base thus leading to increased revenue, enhancement of growth potential, better customer insights and greater customer advocacy.

Affordable Technology

NoQ understands the unique needs and challenges faced by small businesses. They offer cost-effective technological solutions that are specifically designed to address these requirements.

Navigating Marketplace Challenges

NoQ's data driven tools help businesses to

navigate marketplace challenges by leveraging data and analytics.

Elimination Of Intermediaries

Businesses can directly connect with customers, eliminating middlemen and reducing time and cost.

Wide Product Selection & Competitive Pricing

Offering a wide product selection for customers brings numerous benefits for businesses. It provides customers with more options, enhances their shopping experience, and contributes to business growth.

Access To Financial Services

NoQ's partnership with financial institutions brings several advantages as they collaborate to offer credit and financial services to businesses. By partnering with financial institutions, NoQ can provide businesses with access to much-needed capital for various purposes.

Opportunities To Earn Tokens

The users can earn tokens worth Rs 1-Rs 10000 and more which can be used in the NoQ ecosystem.

It increases user engagement, incentivizes platform usage, creates value for users, offers flexibility and freedom of choice, encourages platform advocacy, and fosters loyalty and retention.

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Our Products

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Recognized By

Microsoft For Start Ups

Recognised as a budding startup by Microsoft in India

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