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NoQ provides a hardware free Point of Sale solution.

Hardware based PoS solutions are expensive and not suitable for small businesses


Smart tool for the next generation of micro and small businesses.

NoQ makes it easier for you to manage your business better. Our app helps you manage your sales, inventory, accounting and reports through your mobile devices.

It works in the cloud so manage your business anywhere.


How we can help you

Manage your operations better and on the go

Free Mobile Pos

Start recording Sales using NoQ POS. Easy to use and user friendly interface.

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Free Expense Tracker

Log and record all your business-related expenses. Track and monitor expenses on your mobile phone.

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Records on the Go

Access securely your business information with NoQ cloud data on the go.

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Free Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory items and its cost through your phone. No more manual tracking and recording.

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Free Accounting Reports

Easy to read Profit and lost statement. Understand what’s happening on your inventory using NoQ inventory insight report.

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Digital Ledger

Manage your cashflow, record customers on credit and send payment due reminder to your customers using NoQ's digital ledger.


Recognised as a budding startup by Microsoft in India

Part of 100watts tech accelerator since 2021